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Where to Start Browsing[edit | edit source]

Want a list of everything in chronological order?

Career Timeline: Complete career timeline. Includes nearly everything of note, organized by era.

Prefer to browse by category?

  • Discography: All Ayu's music releases.
  • Videography: All Ayu's video releases.
  • Bibliography: Ayu's published magazine and book appearances.
  • Gigography: Ayu's tours and one-off headlining shows. Includes Ayu's a-nation appearances.
  • Commercials and Collaborations: The companies Ayu has been a spokesmodel for or designed products with.
  • Events & Appearances: Television appearances and in-person media events, including non-headlining live music performances.
  • Past News: Old news headlines, with links to articles preserved at when possible.
  • TeamAyu: History of Ayu's fan club, including an informative list of exclusive content & merchandise.
  • People: People Ayu has worked with or been associated with, including musicians, photographers, remixers, artists, and writers.

Informational Links[edit | edit source]

For more details on Ayumi Hamasaki's career history, we recommend any of the below links.

Ayumi Hamasaki Merch Museum (link forthcoming!): History of Ayu's various collaboration products, concert goods, and pre-order benefits, among other merchandise.

Ayu Gallery (link forthcoming!): High-quality scans of Ayu's magazines, posters, flyers, flat & scannable merch, and other printed materials.

monochrome: Japanese fan site, and a huge source of info for this wiki.

Hamasaki Ayumi yo, kaze ni nare!: Japanese fan site. Although not updated since 2008, a great source of analysis & info on Ayu's early career.

Ayu archive ( 4K Upscale videos of Ayu's concert performances.

QueenAyu4K ( 4K Upscale videos of primarily Ayu's TV live performances.

WeebUpscales ( HD Upscale videos of some Ayu live performances.

collect ayu ( Short clips of Ayu's history, including pre-debut, ayu ready?, and TV interview clips.

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