Japanese Song of the Day – “WINE RED no kokoro (Wine-Red Heart)” by Anzen Chitai

So I was thinking to myself, why not post about a Japanese pop or rock song I like every day? It would get me in the habit of posting regularly, and I could teach everyone something. Fun times!

This is Anzen Chitai’s late 1983 single “WINE RED no kokoro.” This is the song that made them famous, and it was the best selling single of 1984. It’s really kind of a legendary song. The sultry, dark melody by Anzen Chitai frontman Tamaki Koji is very memorable. If this version is too dated for you, it’s been covered by several artists including Visual-kei rock band MUCC, anime seiyuu (voice actress) Ogata Megumi, and 70’s pop-blues-rocker Inoue Yousui. Inoue is actually the writer of the song’s lyrics – this band, Anzen Chitai, was his backup band before they branched off on their own. I’m sure one of my daily songs will be one of his.

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  • Andi

    March 4, 2016 at 10:03 AM Reply

    Nice site. We’re kind of alike. I too first discovered Japanese music about ten years ago. (Also, my faorvite band is Do As Infinity XD Haha. ^^)I came across this site so I could read a review on DAI’s album Eight. I really liked the singles, but I wasn’t sure how the album was as a whole.Anyway, I’ll probably drop by again in the future from time to time to check out some more reviews.

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