Japanese Song of the Day – “roppongi shinjuu (Pact Suicide in Roppongi)” by Ann Lewis

Because more chick rock is always a good thing!

The half-Japanese Air Force baby started off as an idol singer better known for posing in magazines than music, but after a short hiatus in which she got married & had a son, she relaunched her career with the hit “La Saison,” written by fellow 80’s bad-girl idol Yamaguchi Momoe (who I will absolutely cover at a later date, I love her). Lewis ultimately made a name for herself in the 1980’s as a feminist icon & pop-rock powerhouse. 1984’s “roppongi shinjuu” was a pretty dark song, about a woman convinced she has to kill her lover and herself in order to have him to herself forever.

The song allows female rock singers to display their range and emotion so it’s covered often, sometimes better than others. I’ve heard versions by Ayumi Hamasaki (on TV before she was famous), Aikawa Nanase (with a shockingly disappointing techno-rock version), Nana Kitade (my personal favorite version of the song), SCANDAL (also disappointingly weak), and fashion model Yurika (who can’t seem to not be tilting her head, it’s actually kind of irritating to watch her video).

To add flavor to the post, here is Aikawa Nanase’s rather popular version:

And here’s Nana Kitade’s version. I wish her vocals were better, because the production here is amazing.

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