Japanese Song of the Day – “ROBINSON” by Spitz

Okay, not so great at this one-update-a-day thing. But I’m still trying! Now that Gaijin Kanpai is over I have more incentive to keep this up.

Today’s song is “Robinson,” a Spitz track that influenced melodic structure in J-pop for the latter half of the 90s. This type of song is the reason I got into J-pop (or one of them anyway). There’s a sort of hanging chorus ending that J-songs have had since 1995 that I absolutely love. It’s a resolute, optimistic song tinged with melancholy and doubt that everything will work out at the same time.

It’s appropriate for the song’s lyrics, which detail a desire to be with someone alone in some far-off land out in the universe that no one else can reach. (The title seems to be a reference to Robinson Crusoe/Swiss Family Robinson/Lost In Space.)

Here’s the song 🙂 Enjoy!

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