Japanese Song of the Day – “RESONANCE” by Rurutia

The first song I ever heard by Rurutia was her second single, “LOST BUTTERFLY,” released at the tail-end of 2001. The unassuming pop ballad, a melodic wonder, was charming and sweet and instantly lovable to every one of my friends who heard it. It took over a decade of regular listening for my sister, a huge fan of the track, to tire of it.

However, the song gave no indication as to the epic ethereal wonder she would deliver in later years. The melodic strength remained, but the production value took a turn for the unconventional. This worked for me in spades, but her sales have never matched those of “LOST BUTTERFLY.”

2011’s “RESONANCE” is, to me, what her sound up to that point was working towards. This is, in my view, the perfect Rurutia song – combining everything good about her discography for the previous decade: acoustic guitar-based instrumentation, well-crafted epic crescendos, angelic vocals with reverb added in just the right amount, and of course the gorgeous pop melody.

This is a fantastic song by an artist who seems vastly underrated by the English-speaking J-music community, and I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

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