Japanese Song of the Day – “BEEHIVE” by illion

I’m going in a very different direction today, showing you something very, very recent. This is not a classic song, it so far has had no effect on the industry that I could possibly see. The album in question was released about two months ago. And I’m completely in love with it.

Yojiro Noda is best-known as the vocalist of the rock band RADWIMPS. illion, his solo project, isn’t extraordinarily shocking. This is the kind of thing RADWIMPS always hints at but rarely does. illion’s main goal is to be able to perform in the West, and the album “UBU” has been released in Europe (including the United Kingdom). Release in Europe is understandable, since this is the kind of artsy that the US doesn’t really respond well do commercially, and indeed the album reminds me of the European stuff I was listening to around 2000 once I’d decided American music wasn’t doing it for me anymore.

So Noda has come out with this album that’s right up my personal alley, and he wants promotion in the west. So how can I not share it with you guys?

As a bonus, here’s pretty much everyone’s favorite RADWIMPS song, “DADA.” The editing in this video is just ridiculous.

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